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Located near north east Mesa, the leading health professionals at Alta Mesa Chiropractic are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives by delivering individualized and customized chiropractic service to each and every patient. Each patient is unique, with a unique set of symptoms, so each patient is treated accordingly.  No two patients receive the same treatment. Dr. Michone Ouellette is committed to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of Chiropractic Wellness. Patients seeking treatment for back, neck, and joint pain, are assured of receiving only the finest quality care with a unique combination of good old fashioned chiropractic combined with modern technology and equipment. Female Mesa Chiropractor Dr. Michone Ouellette has your best interests at heart and a genuine concern for your health and well-being!

Chiropractic Near Mesa, Arizona

Look what's happening at Alta Mesa Chiropractic. Since, Alta Mesa Chiropractic first opened its doors in August of 2004, Dr. Michone Ouellette has used her extraordinary chiropractic skills on thousands of residents near the East Valley, especially those living in the east Mesa and north Gilbert communities. Specializing in the diversified technique, which includes manual manipulation, the activator method, drop table, and Arthra-Stim method. Dr. Michone has restored the health of people dealing with everything from low back and neck pain to expectant mothers dealing with pregnancy pain, to athletes looking to heal from a sport-related injury, to older residents with aches and pains.

In addition to her practice, Dr. Michone also serves her community by conducting free health talks both in and out of the office and by teaching a yoga-based class at Fitness Works gyms in Mesa and Gilbert. Dr. Michone has been teaching the yoga/Pilates class for more than five years.

Dr. Michone believes that the best way for her patients to achieve optimum health is through healthy eating, regular exercise and receiving body work in the form of chiropractic adjustments and deep tissue massage.

Auto Accident Chiropractic Treatment

Accident and Personal Injury Chiropractic Treatment in Mesa, Arizona. Dr Michone specializes in the treatment of Personal Injury Patients. She targets the injury, using diverse and precise chiropractor technique, that has proven to reduce and limit the recurrence of back & neck pain, due to accident injury. From car accidents to minor falls or sports injury. Dr. Michone will customize a treatment plan and target specific injuries, using years of training/schooling and experience working as a accident Doctor.

Whiplash Accident Injury Patients

 Whiplash happens when there is a sudden force causing an extension injury followed immediately by a flexion injury. This is usually associated with a car accident. During this injury, also known as a cervical sprain/strain, one or more of the following tissues can be injured or damaged: muscle, ligaments, tendons, bone, discs, and nerves.

Nutrition and Chiropractic Care

Your body wants to be healthy, but it’s going to respond in a negative way when you stress it, or when your muscles are damaged or spine is out of alignment, or when you deny it nutrients and exercise,” she says. Before leaving her office, you can expect to not only be well aligned but also be given an exercise or stretch or two before your next visit. Alta Mesa Chiropractic also carries the exclusive, nutraceutical line, NutraMetrix, which is clinically proven isotonic supplement to have a bioabsorbable rate of 95%, an unheard of number among over-the-counter nutritional supplements.

Massage Therapy Mesa, AZ

Last summer, Alta Mesa Chiropractic added licensed massage therapists to the wellness staff to better address patient’s needs. “The contribution and professionalism that Kate and Erica have brought to the table has allowed Alta Mesa Chiropractic to expand in new and exciting ways,” she says.

This summer Alta Mesa Chiropractic is branching out and bringing the benefits of massage and chiropractic care to the community by offering "mini massages" and chiropractic consultations at local community events in the Mesa/Gilbert area. In addition, Alta Mesa Chiropractic has added a cold laser to its treatment retinue, which is clinically proven to decrease pain and inflammation. Our Massage Therapy with Chiropractic Adjustment can assist you by offering Massage & Chiropractic Care all in one affordable package. At our Chiropractors facility, we offer health and wellness using the best quality Massage, Therapies and chiropractic adjustments that money can buy.

*Due to federal law, Medicare patients are excluded from this offer.

By: Dr. Michone Ouellette
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